Extra Sausage is my food blog and passion project. I am a 30 year old wife and mother with a spatula and a camera.

What’s with the sausage?

In German there’s an idiom that literally translated to “to fry an additional sausage for someone” (jemandem eine Extrawurst braten). The saying comes from the middle ages when sausages were considered a delicacy. Therefore, getting an additional sausage meant special treatment. Nowadays, that’s exactly what this idiom means – special treatment. Moreover, sausages are one of the most popular German exports. Since I am (sort of) a German export too, I felt it was a fitting title for my blog ;)

I created Extra Sausage in 2018 while on maternity leave because I wanted a platform that allowed me to combine my love for family, food and photography.

I’ve always loved food, probably because it played a big role in my family. My parents and I used to have a home cooked meal together every night. Over dinner we would talk about the day at work (or school, in my case), laugh, fight and … well, live. My mum is a fantastic cook and I try to learn and copy as much as possible – I still call for advice or recipes on a regular basis! I love trying new recipes and playing with ingredients. Luckily my husband has become quite an adventurous eater over the years and seems happy with his role as culinary guinea pig.